Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Do You See Jesus In Me?

Did you ever stop to think how people perceive you?  Would they see something special and genuine about you?  Do you think that they would be compelled to ask what it is about you that seems different from most people?  Well, my heart's desire is for people to see Jesus in me.

We need to reevaluate ourselves daily to make sure we are in alignment with Him.  When we are attuned to God's heart we are attuned to His ways.  But it means constantly reading His Word, and praying and asking Him if there are any unconfessed sins that are hindering our walk with Him.

I never want to be the type of person who puts on a facade to make people believe that I am the perfect Christian who has no worries.  I have been guilty of this in the past, though, because no one wants to come across as having problems.  But I have learned that God does not want us to be dishonest with ourselves or others.  I want my smile and disposition to be sincere.  And if I am going through trials, I want people to know that I am at peace because God is working in my favor.

Today, I heard someone say that she saw a woman wearing a small pin that had a powerful statement on it.  The pin said, "Do you see Jesus in me?"  What a great conversation piece!  I am actually going to find and purchase one of those pins and wear it on my coat, because if there is one thing that I am passionate about, it is winning souls for Christ.  I mean...  God put us on earth to spread the gospel.

So, would you be bold enough to wear this type of pin?

Are you reflecting His ways?