Friday, April 8, 2011


For the past few years, I have had a passion for Christian missions.  Thinking back to my youth, I had the opportunity to go on mission trips with the youth group from my parent's church, but never went.  I guess I was either scared or too selfish.  And now I regret never having went and preached His Word.  For all I know, it could have positively impacted my life, not to mention the lives of others.  But we cannot change our past.  We can only make better choices for our future. 

The dedicated missionaries who are martyrs for Jesus touch my heart.  To think that there are Christians out there that are willing to put their lives on the line for Him humbles me.  They are being tortured beyond belief, and have not given in to the people persecuting them, or given up hope.  Because they ultimately know that even if they die, they will have potentially touched the lives of those they encountered.  But most of all, they will spend eternity with Him.

What I have came to recognize is that we do not have to travel to other countries to preach the gospel.  The minute we pick up a phone and call an unsaved friend or family member, or step out our front door, we our on His mission field.  The easy part is picking up the phone or stepping outside.  However, the hard part is having the guts to speak to them about Christ. 

Before you approach your friend or loved one, pray and ask God to give you the right words.  And then start off the conversation by letting them know that salvation is free, and the best gift anyone could ever give them.  Then God will help you with the rest.

Recently, I subscribed to a free magazine by The Voice of the Martyrs.  If you want to read about Christians in other countries who are being persecuted in His name, please visit