Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Guilt & Sins

Have you ever felt guilty about past, present, or future sins?  Worry no more!  God never intended us to carry our guilt or sin.  That is why Jesus suffered all the pain of sin on the cross for us. 

I feel like some people are blind to the fact that they do not even realize how much peace they will feel if they repent of their sins, not dwell on their sins, and not blame others for their sins--they need to move on before their sins consume their very being.  For some, the guilt of sin can even make them physically ill.

Jesus--being a sinless human being--paid the price of a SEVERE death for us.  If that does not choke you up, than I do not know what will.  It would be like a son or daughter giving their life for their dad or mom.  We need to keep His death and ressurrection in the front of our minds, and remember that He is our vindicator. 

What guilt are you holding onto today?  Let go, and let live!

If you want to learn more on what I am talking about, read Isaiah 52:13 - 53:12.