Thursday, March 24, 2011

Our God-Given Purpose

Do you ever wonder what your purpose here on earth is?  Do you ever pray and ask God to reveal your purpose to you?  Well, I have wondered and prayed what my purpose is, until I read somewhere what everyone's purpose should be.  Our purpose is to win souls for Christ (i.e., our unsaved family members, neighbors, coworkers, etc.).  These people should be our mission.

Recently, I started sending Godly inspirational text messages to friends and family members, some saved and some unsaved.  I figure that that text message might be a prompt for unsaved loved ones to desire to inquire.  For example, if you read the Bible or a daily devotional, and come across something pivotal--which, by the way, everything wirtten in the Bible is pivotal--type up a text or email, and send it to those you want to know Jesus.  It is that easy!  God can work through you, and give you the courage to speak to them if the time comes when your text or email had a impact on someone.  Do not be scared!

So, that is my challenge to you.  Take the time to encourage someone, and bring them to know Christ.  You know how wonderful it feels to get a note, text or email of encouragement--you feel loved.  Show someone that you care.

Also, a good book to pick up and read is The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren.