Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Physical Appearance

It amazes me how people in our society--especially in Hollywood--put so much emphasis on physical appearance. 

Today, I had to think about how marred and disfigured Jesus was when he was crucified, and how that did not matter to Him.  He knew what the outcome of His crucifixion would be, and loved us so much that He endured the suffering.

It saddens me to think that He loved the people that beat and tormented Him so much, and they did not even realize it.  They did not think He was the Messiah, because He did not look the part. 

Jesus wants us be cleanly and look nice, but He does not want our physical appearance to become our idol.  This is where Hollywood comes into play.  It amazes me how magazines, T.V., etc. promote plastic surgery.  What amazes me even more is that the age for having plastic surgery is getting younger and younger.  You hear or read about teenagers asking for plastic surgery as birthday or graduation presents.  Little do these teenagers know that plastic surgery will not give them true joy, only Jesus will.  Once they have one procedure done, they will most likely want more.  Parents should instill positive comments about their child's appearance to them all throughout their lives, and let them know that they should embrace the body that God gave them.

I do believe, though, that if it is absolutely necessary to have plastic surgery to say, help one breathe or fix a disfigurement, that is fine.  It is when people are not happy with their appearance, and want to tweak something, so to speak.

Be happy with how you were made.  And do not let society tell you differently, or revert your thinking.  Keep your eyes on God, and ask for His approval.  Ultimately, it is His approval that matters most!