Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Accept God's Plan

I needed to read today's devotional--copied and pasted below.

I can never let my faith in Jesus waiver.  I need to trust that all things will work out in His time, not mine.

"No matter what may be happening today, God has good things in store your future! It may not be easy to see now, but God has already lined up a new beginning, new friendships and new opportunities for you.

Maybe you've experienced some setbacks, but don't make the mistake of expecting the same for your future. Instead, accept God's good plan for your life by declaring His truth. As believers, our attitude should be, "Even though the economy is down, I'm not worried. I know God is going before me, and He has promised He will make rivers in the desert." Or, "The medical report may not look good, but I have another report that says God is restoring health unto me. I believe God has already released healing, health and victory in my future." Or, you may have a child who is not on the right course. In the natural, it seems impossible. But our report should be, "I know God can do the impossible!"

Today, be encouraged and don't give up on your tomorrows. Accept the good plan God has for you -- a plan filled with hope, purpose, blessing, and increase in every area of your life!"